Monday, April 1, 2019

Thrift Store Find: A Working Miniature Wind-Up Music Box by Mr. Christmas #18inchDolls #Toys #Miniatures

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Mr. Christmas Smallest Music Box (product packaging)
Working miniature wind-up music box in original packaging found at Value Village for only $0.60. The manufacturer is Mr. Christmas. The product is labeled "Our Smallest Music Box" and it's a small lidded wood box (clear viewing window in the lid) containing a winter scene inside with little trees, snow on the ground & a tiny choo-choo on a circular track (disc piece holding train & track rotates) that plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Still works.

The scale is such that it makes a lovely "working" model train for 18" Dolls (or similar). Will be a great piece for creating Christmas scenes. I can see this nestled next to a miniature Christmas tree as a doll watches the little train go round...

My Life As #18inchDolls Hearing Aids Accessories Set #ToyReviews

My Life As™ (Walmart brand) Hearing Aids with Earring Sticker Sheet, for 18" Dolls
My Life As™ Hearing Aids

A nice little 18" Dolls accessories set which includes two (molded plastic) doll's hearing aids, one for either ear, and an earrings sticker sheet (five pairs) which provides a simple alternative to actually piercing a doll's ears.

The hearing aids were designed to fit 18" My Life As™ Dolls, but should fit other brands, too depending on doll's ear design. The sticker earrings should fit almost any 18" Doll.

These sets have been on clearance at many Walmart stores for around $1.00+ (depending on location). The original MSRP is ~$9.99. I scored this one off eBay for $0.35 OOP (see post here).

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Life As... Hearing Aids #18inchDolls Accessories Set (A 35-cents @eBay Score) #Earrings #HearingAids #Stickers #Toys

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My Life As Hearing Aids Set
There is a new limited time/redemption eBay coupon to save $3.00 Off (most) purchases of $3.01+. (It's scheduled to expire at the end of the day or when all coupons are claimed.)

Anywho, I found this My Life As™ Hearing Aids Set, which also includes some doll earrings (sticker sheet), listed at $3.59 w/ free shipping. I also had a random $0.24 left on an old eBay Gift Card. Thus, my transaction became: $3.59 - $3.00 - $0.24 = $0.35.

I paid the 35-cents that was due using my Paypal® balance. (I generally keep a few random coins there specifically for odd-lot situations like this.) So I scored a nifty 18" Dolls accessories set for a mere 35-cents OOP! I like being able to replicate real world diversity in my staged scenes, so this set will come in handy. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

How Are @American_Girl Dolls Created? #18inchDolls #ToyDesign #Toys

Recently American Girl® put up some interesting articles and videos which detail the process for how its signature dolls are created. First up, is an overview of how AG looks for (expert) guidance. Read the article here.
Image Copyright American Girl®
Character is everything.
Next, there's an interview with two product designers who work on the Create Your Own Doll line. Check the Behind the Scenes Interview here.

Also of interest is the fact that AG employs a historian full-time to insure accuracy in its creations. A toy company with a historian on staff? Indeed. There's an interesting YouTube interview with Tessa discussing her role below:

It's neat to see all the hard work that goes into bringing these characters to life. Must be a great place to work, if you love toys.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Psst! @kinderus Kinder Eggs Toy Surprises Equal #18inchDolls Sized Toys!

A Dutch friend introduced me to Ferrero Group's Kinder Surprise Eggs (the Italian version chocolate egg with a "capsule" inside containing a toy surprise) nearly two decades ago. We were visiting a Dutch (and other assorted international) goods import store when my friend spotted some of the confections in a box on the counter. He cried out that we must get some, as these were a favorite childhood treat for him. I adored them instantly.

Kinder Joy Egg
Recently, Ferrero Group updated the confection for USA markets (to get around an embargo1) branding the new item Kinder Joy Eggs. This new treat consists of a plastic egg-shaped container with candy in one sealed half and a toy surprise sealed separately in the other half). This redesign was done to alleviate concerns over the tiny toy surprise inside being a choking hazard ---which ostensibly was the reason for the embargo. This logic is the same reason that bakeries which make "authentic" King Cakes for Mardi Gras have posted disclaimers/waivers regarding the tiny toy baby baked into said  cake. (If you bite into the toy and break a tooth say, you can't sue.) While I can understand the change from a supposed consumer safety standpoint, I still prefer the original Italian version Kinder Surprise Eggs, because I knew them first and they are chocolate. However, it's nice that the idea lives on and is more widely available in the current US market.

All this is merely a lead up to say that many of the wee toy surprises included inside (either version) of the Kinder Egg happen to be appropriately sized playthings that are perfect for 18" (or 14") Dolls! (I love discovering tiny items that can be re-purposed for dolls.) Thus, I now have another excuse to buy candy LOL. I'll pick up a Kinder Egg here & there and sometimes come across nifty little items inside that make great additions when staging 18" Dolls scenes. So if you're looking for another avenue to acquire doll-sized things for your collection, check out these candy eggs. It's a win-win, candy and a shot at a cool doll-sized toy.

By the way, a while back Kroger gave away the new Kinder Joy Egg as a part of its Free Friday Download program and of course, I redeemed the freebie, ate the candy and kept the little toy surprise inside for my doll collection.

Check out the toy I received in the Kroger freebie Kinder Joy Egg below:
Miniature Leaping Leopard Game Toy
Miniature Leaping Leopard Game Toy
1 Why are Kinder Surprise Eggs illegal in the USA.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

End of an Era @PixieFaire #18inchDolls #DollClothes #Sewing #Crafting

Recently received a newsletter from Pixie Faire (the doll patterns and craft materials marketplace) stating that the site is doing away with both the Mod Doll Monday Giveaway (where a doll + outfit was given away weekly) and the Freebie Friday Pattern (where a free pattern from a featured designer was given away). And I hadn't won my American Girl® Doll yet. Sad.

In all seriousness, both were great promotions, but I understand this is a business decision. The site has to make money to stay in business and giving away "tons of stuff" on a regular basis without recouping at least an equal share is never a good strategy. This doesn't mean that Pixie Faire will never do any giveaways again, merely that the regular weekly giveaways are being discontinued (and replaced with BOGOs, etc.) so that the site can generate more income. I get it.

Still, it's a big change. I looked forward to these promotions each week (though I never won Mod Doll Monday) and it likely means I won't visit the site every Tuesday and Friday like clockwork. I will still patronize the business, but the promotions meant I was guaranteed to visit the site several times a week. Hope the change means more business for them, instead of less.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Today's @American_Girl GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson In-Store Debut Event #Atlanta #AGRewards What's the Event Gift? #Spoiler

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American Girl GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson
My doll collecting sister took the girls to today's in-store debut for the new American Girl® GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson Doll at the American Girl® Store Atlanta (Alpharetta). Blaire is a chef-in-training --- you can read more of the character's backstory here --- and uses her culinary creativity to help out around her family's farm. Being a farmgirl myself, I like quite few of this character's things even though (as one Twitter hater put it) "she's just a White girl who likes to cook." I also like to cook. I guess you could say I can relate to the character.
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American Girl GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson (Kitchen)
I didn't tag along this year as I was working, but my sister sent pictures. The event gift for kid attendees was a doll's apron pictured below.
Image Copyright 2019 Moddoll Fun!
American Girl GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson In-Store Event Gift (Doll's Apron)

Another Listia Score: Cute Sunglasses + Pink Shoes #18inchDolls #Freebie

Listia Vendor Image (Fair Use)
Cute Pink Sunglasses for 18" Doll
Browsing Listia randomly this evening and discovered an interesting auction for a pair of (odd bulbous) pink shoes and an adorable pair of sunglasses appropriately sized "for your 18" Doll." The shoes, I'll need to see on a doll as I know doll shoes can look strange due to the need to fit on unyielding hard plastic feet, but the sunglasses caught my eye. 

The listing had a Get It Now price of 42.50 INK which is roughly $0.28 at current market values and this price included free shipping. How could I resist? Needless to say, the item/s should be here soon.
Odd Pink Shoes for 18" Doll